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Facelift techniques have advanced considerably over the years. There was a time when the word facelift was associated with an overdone, too-tight, wind swept look. 

Fortunately, facelift techniques have evolved substantially, and many options can now produce natural-looking results that truly create a younger version of you.

Attractive woman touching her face.

Using stem cells and fat grafting, modern facelift techniques can raise your facial enhancement results up a notch. In addition to tightening skin and lifting tissues, stem cell-enriched fat grafting can help restore lost volume while improving skin tone and texture. 

What Are Some of My Advanced Facelift Options?

There are so many surgical and non-surgical options available for women and men to choose from when they feel it’s time to correct signs of aging.

Non-Invasive Stem Cell Facial Rejuvenation

Adult stem cells exist naturally in your fat tissues, and they can be separated, purified, and injected into the face to help refresh and rejuvenate your tissues. 

The non-invasive stem cell facial rejuvenation method effectively addresses aging-related issues with skin texture like sun damage, hyperpigmentation, dark spots, volume loss, fine lines, and damage to the skin due to smoking and other lifestyle factors.

Because no real incisions are made, there is no visible scarring, and downtime is shorter than with traditional facelift surgery.

The Non-Surgical Facelift

The non-surgical facelift uses a strategic three-step procedure in which the cells are extracted, purified, and re-injected to trigger a regenerative response that creates the new blood vessels in the skin, contributing to a more youthful facial appearance.

The Stem Cell Facelift

The stem cell facelift combines non-surgical and vertical facelift techniques to help tighten droopy skin and facial muscles while reversing volume loss. The purified stem cells and fat are injected beneath the muscles of the face to restore volume in hollowed areas. 

The Stem Cell-Enhanced Facelift

The stem cell-enhanced facelift adds a tension-free closure to the stem cell facelift technique to reduce visible scarring even further. Procedures like the endoscopic brow lift and blepharoplasty are also often integrated into this advanced facial rejuvenation surgery.

Before and after image showing the results of a vertical facelift performed in Beverly Hills, CA.

To see more transformations, visit our vertical facelift before and after photo gallery.

Conventional Facelift Surgery Options

In addition to the advanced options above, even traditional facelift surgery has come a long way over the past few decades. 

Plastic surgeons have adapted time-tested techniques to now provide optimal skin tightening and a natural look. The vertical facelift is an excellent example of that. 

A preferred technique of Dr. Calabria, the vertical facelift tightens skin and tissues upward instead of horizontally toward the ear. What this means for you is a more relaxed and natural appearance that can still help you look years younger.

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