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Women are typically cosmetic surgery’s most prominent patrons; however, men are quickly catching up. Studies show that men seeking cosmetic procedures have drastically risen in the last few years, with facial rejuvenation procedures leading the pack. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons says male facelift surgeries have increased by 14 percent since 2010, and are expected to grow more. Facial rejuvenation will refresh a man’s appearance and help boost his confidence by targeting problem areas in the face, just like procedures for women. However, there are a few core differences in facelift surgery for men than for women that must be kept in mind, such as the differences in facial anatomy and how those may affect the procedure. Dr. Calabria’s office can help men looking to rejuvenate their appearance by providing tailored procedures designed to keep the masculine look intact.


before and after male facelift surgery


A male facelift surgery will target many of the problem areas a typical facelift treats—such as loose skin, deep lines, or facial scars. But men’s faces are shaped differently from women’s, and patients and doctors must keep these anatomical differences in mind when first evaluating any candidate for surgery. For example, a man’s facial skin tends to bleed more than a woman’s during surgery, which means there’s a higher risk of developing hematomas (temporary pools of blood) after surgery. Hairlines and beard hair should also be considered. A receding hairline can make it challenging to hide surgery scars, and beard hair may affect facelift surgery if the skin from the upper neck, where beard hair typically grows, is pulled backward.

One big concern for men tends to be fatty areas beneath the chin, also known as “jowls,” and a male facelift surgery can help correct the issue. However, men’s muscles in this area tend to be thicker and stronger than women’s. Dr. Calabria will explain how these procedures work to rejuvenate the appearance and what men should expect from facelift surgery.


before and after male facelift2


The best results come from candidates who desire to refresh their appearance without looking and feeling overdone. Men who want to correct their jowls, tighten up loose skin, or smooth out deep lines are also ideal candidates. There are a few different procedures Dr. Calabria offers that can fit the bill for any man who wants to look and feel a little younger again. A male facelift surgery performed by Dr. Calabria will be customized for each patient and will ensure the desired result is achieved.

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Male Facelift Rises in Popularity

More men are starting to see what cosmetic surgery can do for them—especially facial rejuvenation. With rejuvenation procedures such as male facelifts rising in popularity, more men are learning about how this procedure can help lift years of age and boost confidence while still maintaining a rugged, masculine appearance. Men’s facial structures differ from women’s, and surgeons, like Dr. Calabria, must keep these differences in mind when choosing what procedure works best for each man.

What a Male Facelift Can Do for You

Dr. Calabria’s office offers a variety of facial rejuvenation procedures tailored just for men. But what can a male facelift do? Here are some of the benefits of a male facelift:

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Correct facial volume loss
  • Correct or minimize facial scarring
  • Tighten loose skin
  • Provide a youthful look
  • Preserve masculine facial features

Male Facelift Before and After

Are You a Good Candidate for a Male Facelift?

Dr. Calabria’s office treats men from all walks of life seeking a younger, more refreshed look without looking overdone. Some of the best candidates for a male facelift may include:

  • Men looking to correct jowls (the fatty areas beneath the chin)
  • Men with loose neck skin
  • Men who have deep smile or frown lines
  • Men seeking to preserve their masculine features

Types of Male Facelift Surgeries

Dr. Calabria’s office offers three male facelift procedures that can be tailored to fit each patient. Each procedure has its own benefits and can be used to treat different concerns. Here’s how each works:

Stem Cell Facelift

A stem cell facelift works by harvesting stem cells, loosely defined as the body’s raw materials —cells that can be used to form or grow many other kinds of cells. These wonderful cells can be used to regenerate new cells in the face and boost rejuvenation and healing as well as promote a revitalized appearance. It is a fat grafting procedure where Dr. Calabria harvests stem cells from other parts of the body, using liposuction, and injects them into the facial tissues. This provides a natural, continuously improving process that tends to have long-lasting results. Dr. Calabria combines a stem cell facelift with a vertical facelift, in which deeper facial tissues are repositioned vertically, to provide optimal results. A stem cell facelift is ideal for men looking to fill deep lines, smooth wrinkles, and correct facial volume loss.

One-Stitch Facelift

Inspired by old Hollywood stars using tape to stretch their facial tissues between takes, the one-stitch facelift is a minimally invasive approach that can be performed with local anesthesia, minimizing the risks of more powerful anesthesia. A one-stitch facelift lives up to its name, with Dr. Calabria using a single incision at each sideburn to then lift and anchor the skin, without using threads—it instead uses the patient’s own tissues for the most natural-looking enhancement. Since this procedure is minimally invasive, recovery times are short. A one-stitch facelift is ideal for men looking to fix jowls, tighten loose skin, and smooth deep lines and wrinkles. This procedure is also suitable for men who can’t fit a long recovery time into their schedules—with a one-stitch facelift, men can be back to normal by the end of the weekend!

Non-Surgical Facelift

A non-surgical facelift is very similar to a stem cell facelift. Both procedures use harvested regenerative stem cells extracted from another part of the body through liposuction. These cells are then injected into the facial tissues, promoting natural regeneration and providing a revitalized look. The main difference from other facelift techniques is a non-surgical facelift does not involve skin excision (cutting into the skin). A non-surgical facelift is ideal for men who are looking for a younger appearance without undergoing surgery. Recovery times are much quicker than they would be for another procedure. A non-surgical facelift is a great option for men with minor concerns, such as poor skin texture or minimal facial volume loss.


Whatever facelift procedure is chosen, Dr. Calabria can help any man looking for a refreshed appearance get the results he desires. Call our Beverly Hills office at 310-777-0069 and schedule your consultation soon!


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